Steam Blankets

Steam Blankets are a ground-breaking de-icing, thawing or warming up tool for equipment, pipes, and any surface and can be used for soil steaming as well. It is a safer, faster and more consistent alternative to hand thawing or electrical defrosting tools.
Our blankets are compatible with most stationary and portable boiler systems. The steam blanket connects to the steam or water line, which is then directed through the blanket by pressure. Then, it is consistently moved through eyelets in the bottom of the blanket to thaw the equipment.


  • 3 FT x 5 FT

  • 3 FT x 8 FT

  • 5 FT x 8 FT

  • 6 FT x 8 FT

  • Custom sizes available


  • Made out of 20 oz. rig material

  • Fire resistant

  • Waterproof

  • Low temperature

  • Oil resistant

  • Double stitched



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